Frequently Asked Questions

Such a special day requires extensive planning, along with making plans comes questions. You can always feel free to ask me any questions, but I thought it would be best to put your mind at ease with answering some common questions that you may have thought of.

Q: What do I have to do to prepare for the trial?

A: It will be best if you could bring with pictures of hair and makeup looks that you like, as well as looks that you don’t like and know why. It helps me understand what you are after when I see styles you don’t like either. The way to be sure that you get a great outcome is to communicate the look you are after. In saying that, it is important to come with an open mind, sometimes certain looks may not suit your features and make you stand out the way you deserve. Please trust my professional eye as some of my ideas may be slightly different from the pictures but all have your desired look in mind and better ways to make your favourite features stand out.

Please wash and dry your hair the night before. Don’t straighten your hair or put any products through as can affect your hairstyle outcome. If you want your hair to be the absolute best condition then send me photos of your natural hair and I will recommend the best hair care products to get your hair in the best possible state. The healthier your hair the better it will look and hold. If you feel the need to scrub your face please make sure you do that 2 or more days before the trail, any closer may affect the makeup application.

If you have hair pieces, accessories and a veil please make arrangements to have them at the trial as this will help bring the whole picture together. If possible wear a white top/dress.

I prefer to have the trial with just you as distractions may end up in your opinions in the look not getting communicated. Your friends and family are welcome to come after or to the end.

 Q: Why is a trial important?

A: This is a very common question. Many of the photos that you like will look very different on your features. You may like the look of things on models but you may not realize that you don’t like the look till you see it on yourself. The amount of hair you have may also affect your hairstyle. It’s crucial for me to see the length and texture of your hair to make sure I can achieve your wedding day look. I need to see your skin and the condition it’s in so that we can work together and I can make suggestions for a skin care regime to improve your skin so that it is radiant and healthy on your wedding day. I also want to work with you before your wedding day to make sure we are on the same page because we want your wedding day to go smoothly and we aren’t trying to change details on the day, timing is everything on your big day.

Q: I have a different dresses during my day, can I change my look during the day?

A: Of course, you can actually look perfect all day with my touch up package. With this package you can change your looks as many times as you like. I charge $50 per hour after the initial party has been glammed up. I often do this package for all day weddings. I do a minimum of 5 hours for this package and this also includes styling during your location photos on the day for you and your new husband.

Q: We all need to be ready in a short time, how can you get us all ready in a short timeline?

A: No need for stress, I have a huge hand picked team trained by me and experienced in the bridal industry. We can get you all ready in any timeline necessary.

Q: How do I secure my wedding date?

A: I accept $100 deposits in the form of a bank transfer, all the details are on your quote. Once paid your day is considered booked. Deposits are non-refundable, they are included in the final invoice but not the trial costs.

Thank you for your enquiry! If you do have any questions after this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ashley Collett